Nighttime Bunion Regulator™-1
Nighttime Bunion Regulator™
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Aligns and relieves bunions while you sleep.*
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# P6035-SR
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Product Description

  • Gently stretches tight tendons and muscles to help slow the bunion formation process. This anatomically molded splint gently positions the big toe towards its normal position, while you are sleeping! Soft foam lining provides maximum comfort. Recommended by doctors to their patients who want to avoid or postpone surgery. Available by shoe size.
  • Specify Left or Right.
  • One per package. *Use only while resting
Suggested Size Guide
Size Women’s Shoes Men’s Shoes
S 4-71/2 --
M 8-10 6-81/2
L 101/2+ 9-12
XL -- 121/2+

This Size Chart is a general guide to help you choose the correct PediFix product size.